Digital Equity

NH State Digital Equity Plan

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NH Digital Equity Plan – DRAFT FOR COMMENTS

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More Than Just Connectivity

Understanding the Landscape:
We’ve made significant progress in connecting our county with high-speed internet. But true digital inclusion goes beyond just having an internet connection. It’s about ensuring every resident can effectively use digital tools and the internet, regardless of age or background.

The Real Challenge:
While many of us enjoy the benefits of the digital age, some of our neighbors face barriers that prevent them from fully harnessing its potential:
– Digital Literacy: Not everyone knows how to navigate the digital world safely and confidently.
– Device Accessibility: Having an internet connection is one thing; having a device and knowing how to use it is another.
– Cultural & Psychological Concerns: Some may feel the digital world isn’t relevant to them or have concerns about privacy.

How You Can Help:
If you’re reading this, you’re likely on the good side of the digital divide. But here’s how you can assist those who aren’t:
1. Educate & Share: Talk to your neighbors, especially the elderly. Share your knowledge, offer to teach them basic digital skills, or introduce them to useful online resources.
2. Donate Old Devices: If you have old computers or tablets, consider donating them to community centers or schools.
3. Support Local Initiatives: Back local programs aimed at boosting digital literacy and accessibility. Your support, whether through volunteering or funding, can make a difference.
4. Advocate: Speak to local representatives about the importance of digital equity. Your voice can influence policy and drive change.

A Call to Action:
Digital equity is a collective effort. By understanding the challenges and taking small steps, we can ensure that every resident of our county not only has access but thrives in the digital age. Let’s work together to bridge the gap and create a digitally inclusive community.