Speed Test

How to Test Your Internet Speed: A Simple Guide

Step 1: Find a Speed Test Website
1. Turn on your computer, or phone and open your internet browser (like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox).
2. In the search bar at the top, type “Internet Speed Test” and press Enter.
3. Click on one of the results, like “Speedtest.net” or another reputable site.

NOTE: We recommend using the UNH speed test that will use the data to analyze speeds around NH.  That site is https://nhbroadbandspeedtest.unh.edu/   The other popular speed test site is https://speedtest.net

Step 2: Run the Test
1. On the speed test website, you’ll usually see a big button that says “Go” or “Start Test.” Click on that.
2. Wait a minute or two. The website will do the rest, testing how fast your internet is.

Step 3: Understand the Results
– Download Speed: How fast you can get things from the internet (like watching a video).
– Upload Speed: How fast you can send things to the internet (like sending an email, photos or video).

What is Good? What is Bad?
– Good Speed: At least Download: 100 Mbps  – Upload: 20 Mbps
– Okay Speed: Download: 10-25 Mbps – Upload: 5 Mbps
– Slow Speed: Download: Below 10 Mbps or Upload: 1 Mbps

If your speed is slower than you expect, and you were using WiFi, try connecting your PC directly to the modem (if possible) with an Ethernet cable.  You may have to power cycle the modem to have it connect.

How Much Bandwidth is Required for Streaming?
– For Regular Watching (like the news or a show): 3-5 Mbps per person.
– For High-Quality Movies: 5-10 Mbps per person.

Testing your internet speed is as simple as clicking a button on a website. If you find that your speed is in the “Slow” category, you might want to talk to your internet provider about options. If you enjoy watching shows or movies online, you’ll want to make sure you have enough speed for that, especially if more than one person is watching at the same time.

Remember, neighbors and family are often happy to help if you run into any trouble. The internet can be a wonderful tool to stay connected and entertained, even in the most remote areas.